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Mystic Majestic No Spreaderbar Kitesurfing Harness

Размер + модель: XS - 20/21
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Note: Spreaderbar sold separately - needed in order to have a full functional kite harness.

Majestic kitesurfing harness is a waist harness with a stiff horizontal support.

On the inside of the Majestic you find foam that will shape to your body and in combination with the Non Slip EVA foam this helps the harness to stay in place where you want it. This way both comfort and performance is optimized.

Around the edges it is designed with edges made soft with neoprene to give you the most comfort when cruising and progression your trick.

Features (Numbers refer to the second picture):

  • Compatible with Mystic Bananabar Kitesurfing Spreaderbar
  • 49. Bionic Core Frame

Horizontal stiff support. Multi layer Glass fibers provide diagonally flex of the wings.

  • Front Leash Attachment

For easier managing of the leash you can attach the leash at the front. Perfect also for shorter leashes.

  • 53. IV-Foam

Intelligent Viscoelastic foam aligns with the shapes of your body for good performance for you on the water and good comfort. Helps the harness to stay put.

  • 10. Soft Neoprene edges

The soft neoprene edges makes a closer fit and a more comfortable ride.

  • 6. 3D Molded foam interior and exterior

  • Non Slip EVA Molded

Increases the grip and connection. Placed on the inside of the harness this increases control and fit.

  • 27. Battlebelt Waist Closure

Makes sure the harness does not move around while riding and stops any unwanted discomfort.

  • 19. Key Pocket

An external compartment for smaller items such as a waterproof key.

  • 14. HP System
  • 17. Covered side parts
  • Also Compatible with clickerbar 4.0 surf spreaderbar and clickerbar 4.0 spreaderbar
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