Luigino Vertigo Q4 Ботинки для Роликов Для Роллер Дерби

Размер + размер обуви: 7 - 39.5
7 - 39.5
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The Luigino Vertigo Q4 is a high end roller derby boot that can be heat-moulded to fit perfectly with your unique foot shape.

The outer part of the boot is made from a microfiber material, with leather reinforcements, for a very durable and lightweight design.

Atom Skates has used AquaTech technology, which means you get a boot that shapes itself perfectly to your feet. By using the supplied heating/cooking bags (instruction included), you can further ensure an optimal fit. This makes the boot sit perfect every time.

By using the Barefoot Technology, it is ensured that the inner part of the boot will conform to your feet. The padding is made of a microfiber material, which includes extra padding around the ankle and heel areas, which together with the ankle strap ensures that your heel is held in place.

Тип ботинка:
Skill Level:
Особенности внутренника:
Built-in, Self-modelling padding
Lacing, Powerstrap
Материал ботинка:
Leather, Микрофибра, Термостойкие
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These definitely run a bit narrower than expected and smaller to size. I wear a size 6 in riedell skates but size 7 in luiginos or had to go up at least a half to full size and you should be prepared to do the same. The heal is narrow and shoelaces tie skates easily for a snug fit. However I do feel my bunions, lol or the widest part of my feet right below my toe joint hurting a bit after more than two hours skating but I do have a small heal and wider than normal feet at the widest part. So keep this is mind when purchasing these skates. My R3 riedell boots didn't have this issue with foot pain but they do stretch more and your foot moves around more and doesn't stay in place like in these luiginos. So I guess this is the trade off.
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